A word about this section:

A word about this section:

Postby Toccatta » Mon Apr 15, 2013 12:47 am

First a few rules:

  • Please be familiar with the ToS and make sure your images do not violate it. Any images violating the TOS will be deleted and the post author will be notified.
  • Please do not post others' images. Link to them if there's something special you want to show us; but any images you post should be your own.
  • Screenshots can be from any game; it doesn't necessarily have to relate to Elder Scrolls.

And a few guidelines:

  • If the image is so large as to stretch the page horizontally (that is, if it creates a horizontal scroll bar), please post as a thumbnail or a link.
  • Oversized images now get their own scroll bar. As they no longer force horizontal scrolling of the thread, the restriction on image width has been lifted.
  • If you have lots of screenshots to share, please make your own thread so you don't make it impossible for anyone else's screenshots to be seen.
  • Please don't post so many images that it takes the thread forever to load. The longer the loading time, the more likely people will just give up and move on. Even with a good internet connection, images can take a while to load. People can't enjoy your images if they can take a nap while it's loading.
  • As a rule of thumb, please limit images to approximately 5 per post. Make multiple posts if you want, but keeping the per-post number reasonable divides the images up over several pages, which keeps the load times down for our members on dialup (yes... there are still people that use modems). Obviously, if you only have 6 images, just squeeze that extra one in. Use your judgment, but aim for a maximum of 5 per post.
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