A Foolish Lady - by Denina

A Foolish Lady - by Denina

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Edward scowled as the night sky turned light as he jogged the road from Balmora to Seyda Neen. He stopped and sneaked closer as he spotted a human female in the distance.

'She is still there! What is she waiting for?' He watched the female for a few moments, sized her up and waited. She paced back and forth, peering over the hill down both roads, rubbed her hands together in nervous energy. After a bit she stopped, sat down, carefully pulling her skirts around her legs, sitting like a proper lady might if she had something better than the cold, hard ground. She was a Breton, Edward noticed, obvious nobility. What in the name of Oblivion was she doing out here? Is she so foolish to hang around knowing there are bandits and other scum out here? 'Foolish girl,' he muttered softly aloud.

He approached her slowly, careful of her anxious presence just being a ruse of another bandit. As she watched him approach, she smiled warmly. 'How do you do, Dunmer?'

She talked like a lady, she moved like a lady. She probably was a lady, albeit a young one. 'I've passed by here three times in two days and you're still out here. Who are you and what the devil are you doing?'

She sighed the long-suffering sigh of a hopeless romantic. Edward recognized that sigh. He'd heard it from his mother often. 'I am Maurrie Aurmine, Noble. I was hoping you might know of a bandit nearby? I must find him!'

Edward gazed upon the eager Breton woman. 'Are you mad? You're looking for a bandit?'

Maurrie smiled a sweet smile at him. 'I know it seems odd, but I must find that bandit. Perhaps he might come back and look for me though!'

'Are you daft, girl? What are you blathering on about?'


'I was just walking along here, minding my own business. Suddenly, a bandit jumped at me from behind. He was a dark elf - a strong, dashing dark elf. He didn't harm me in any way, although he did take my jewels. He was quite gentle, and he talked to me for what seemed like forever.'

'So, you want to find an n'wah scum who took your jewels because you think he might love you because he talked to you for what seemed like forever? Foolish girl.'

'I know it's foolish, but there was something there...I simply must find him!'

'I don't think you should be so interested in seeking him out for his love, but to get your jewels back.'

'Oh, never mind the jewels! I just want to find the bandit again. He was charming, and funny, and I simply must see him again.

'Well, while he was talking to you, did he mention a name?'

'His name? Nelos...Nelos Onmar...a name that will stay on my lips for eternity. Perhaps you can find him for me? Please, I cannot live without knowing if he could ever love me. I have nothing to offer you in return, but could you not help me for the sake of love?'

'Love?! You really are daft! You're a noblewoman and you're worried about the love of a bandit!'

'Yes, please. I simply must know if he could ever love me.'

An image of her standing there for an eternity, waiting by the roadside, simpering and hoping and waiting for this man to return to her flashed in his mind. Since in the short time he'd been in Vvardenfell, he'd already traveled this route, he did not want to see her there. Perhaps trying to find this man and showing her what an n'wah he really was would set her back in reality. 'Oh all right,' he growled. 'I will find this man, if only for love's sake.'

He could not have predicted her reaction. She threw her arms around him and hugged him hard. 'You'll try? Thank you so! I'm sure you'll be able to find him. He mentioned something about having to head north, so I imagine he might be found in Pelagiad. Please, if you find him, give him this glove for me, as a token of my love. I'm certain he will want to find me again.'

Edward scowled and detangled himself from her grasp. 'North to Pelagiad? For a noblewoman, you're not very bright. North is that way!' He pointed toward northward. 'Pelagiad is that way!' He then pointed southeast.

Maurrie blushed. 'I know. I was so excited, I didn't think. Please hurry! I simply cannot stand not knowing.'

Edward gave the Breton woman a look of disgust before putting the glove in his satchel and setting off for Pelagiad. As he continued down the road, he shook his head. 'How do I get myself into these situations? Perhaps I'm the one who is daft!'

He took his time reaching Pelagiad, stopping to collect plants along the way as he intended to learn alchemy. His mother had intended to teach him when he was young, but after his father deserted them, she sat around mooning for him all the time and never did much of anything.

He reached Pelagiad in mid-morning. Even from the road, he recognized the largest building in the town as an inn and decided that if a bandit would be anywhere in Pelagiad, that would be it. As he stepped into the cool, dimly lit inn, a sense of hominess and comfort swept over him, as the furnishings reminded him somewhat of his childhood home. He pushed the bittersweet feeling aside as he looked around the surprisingly populated tavern. A couple of Dunmer ate breakfast, another couple sat and talked quietly and yet a few more sat by themselves, observing, thinking, and nursing drinks.

Edward spotted a Dunmer standing near the bar scoping the room, though he tried to do so unobtrusively. Edward, well aware of those tricks, casually made his way toward him. The Dunmer watched him approach, and surprise flitted across his face as this stranger stopped in front of him. 'What is it, Dunmer?'

'Looking for Nelos Onmar.'

'You're looking at him. I don't know you. What do you want?'

Edward gave a surreptitious look around the room and lowered his voice. 'Rob any noblewomen lately? Perhaps have a small fortune in jewels.'

'I don't know what you're talking about!' Nelos spat, keeping his voice low.

Edward reached in his satchel and pulled out Maurrie's glove. 'I think you do. Recognize this?'

'You have what? Why that is Mau-- How...odd. She was a lovely young woman, but what would she want with a rogue like me?'

'Good question,' Edward muttered.

Nelos did not seem to hear as he seemed lost in thought and what Edward thought, shock. 'She is beautiful, though, and seemed sweet. For the first time in my life, I actually felt a little remorse for robbing someone. I should see her again.' Nelos found a sheet of paper and borrowed a quill from a mage studying and scribbled a hasty note. ' Here, take this. Tell her you have a note from Nelos. I must see her again. I won't forget this, friend. I'll go to her just as soon as I can.'

Edward growled and got in Nelos' face and spoke dangerously low. 'You might consider finding an honest trade if you intend to do right by that woman. She's young, I think innocent and naïve. If I later find out anything bad happened to her, I know people who will make bad things happen to you. And there's nowhere you can hide.'

'Hey hey! I mean the lady no harm. I assure you.'

'You better not. She's a Lady. You'd better keep her like one. That requires you to be an honorable sort.' Without waiting for a reply, Edward shoved the note into his satchel and turned toward the door. As he exited, he noted a distinguished Imperial gentleman dressed in finery deep in conversation with another gentleman. He heard the words 'inn,' '35,000 gold,' and 'land deed' before walking away, eager to not be involved in anyone else's business matters. Deals happened all the time. That was a simple fact of life everywhere in the Empire.

Edward headed in the direction of where he found Maurrie, hoped that by doing this, she'd go to Pelagiad and get off the road. Idly, he took out the note from Nelos and read it. 'Dammit! She will wait for him. I hope he doesn't wait forever.'

Maurrie saw him coming and waited patiently, yet eagerly for news. 'Did you find him?' she asked when he got close enough to hear her.

'I did. Here. He asked me to give this to you.' He watched her face while she watched as he took the note out of his satchel. 'He gave you a letter to give to me? Wonderful! Thank you so!' She quickly read the contents and clasped the letter to her chest when she was through. 'I knew that he cared.' She smiled at Edward. 'You know, you didn't have to do all of this for me, and I really appreciate it. You're clearly a wonderful person. You should visit my friend Emusette Bracques in Tel Aruhn. She's a wonderful person, and I think the two of you would get along famously.'

'Lady, you don't even know me, let alone know whether I'm wonderful or not.'

'Stuff and nonsense! Of course you are or you wouldn't have gone to all this trouble for me. You talk gruff but obviously you care. Thank you so much! Surely he will come for me soon!'

Edward rolled his eyes, not that Maurrie noticed. When she realized that he hadn't moved, she turned her attention back to him.

He spoke in a low voice. 'If he turns out to be the fetcher most bandits are, you seek me out and I will kill him myself. He seems sincere, but most bandits care nothing for others.'

'I am sure my faith is not unfounded. You'll see! Thank you so much!'

'Hrmph!' he muttered and left her where she stood and headed back down the road toward Pelagiad, intent to arrive in Seyda Neen sometime that day, providing that no more foolish females hindered his path.
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