A few comments about this section:

A few comments about this section:

Postby Toccatta » Mon Apr 15, 2013 12:25 am

  • All authors retain their own copyrights for their original works. No one has permission to re-post anything they read here anywhere else on the internet or in the physical world without the author's knowledge and consent.
  • Make sure you are familiar with the ToS before you post to be sure you don't break any rules. Any posts discovered to be in violation of the ToS will be deleted and the author informed.
  • If you get an author's consent to post a story here, s/he is requested to contact one of the staff here to let us know permission has been granted but are encouraged to join and post it themselves.
  • Anything you post here is with the understanding that someone who reads it may want to post feedback regarding it. If you do not want feedback, please make a note at the beginning of your post saying so.
  • For those who do want feedback, you're encouraged to make a separate thread for feedback so it does not break the continuity of your story if your story is broken down into continuous posts.
  • For those who wish to leave feedback, check to see if there is a feedback thread before posting. If there's not, go ahead and post in the thread. We can always move posts later if necessary.
Please remember that negative feedback can be as valuable as positive feedback. Well written negative feedback can often be even more valuable than positive. While every author would like to hear that people enjoy their stories, when the feedback is entirely positive, it offers little to help them improve. Despite what anyone has told you, the maxim "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all" isn't particularly realistic or helpful. On the other hand, feedback which is entirely negative can be thoroughly discouraging, especially to new authors. If a person's work is particularly rough, it probably means they're very new at it. An excessively harsh critique can cause them to give up rather than motivate them to improve, so try to be gentle and encouraging if the work looks especially novice.

And while constructive criticism can be quite helpful, it isn't essential that ALL criticisms be constructive. However, please keep in mind that flaming is against our rules, so comments should be kept civil even if they aren't positive or particularly constructive. Also, non-constructive criticism is more likely to be ignored than its constructive counterpart, so keep that in mind when critiquing an author.
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Re: A few comments about this section:

Postby Denina » Tue Apr 16, 2013 5:54 pm

Another thought...

If someone is writing a story that is ongoing, it's recommended that the author make a separate thread for feedback for it so that the continuity of the story is not interrupted. For completed short stories posted, it's okay to use the same thread.
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