Question - Comparability for OpenMW, TES3MP, Bare Necessities, & Rebirth

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Question - Comparability for OpenMW, TES3MP, Bare Necessities, & Rebirth

Postby Zhakaron » Sat Mar 31, 2018 5:47 am

Hello there, I just created an account to ask a simple question. I looked at Morrowind Crafting and I'm extremely impressed with the functionality it has to offer Morrowind. I've converted to the OpenMW engine, and am interested in running two campaigns. One single player with The Bare Necessities and another in TES3MP aka Morrowind Multiplayer.

My intent is to showcase these on for a regular (weekly) stream series.

While I've confirmed Morrowind Crafting has no issues for OpenMW on it's own, have there been any attempts to try it in TES3MP, The Bare Necessities, or Morrowind Rebirth?
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Re: Question - Comparability for OpenMW, TES3MP, Bare Necessities, & Rebirth

Postby Toccatta » Sun Apr 01, 2018 6:33 am

No. I haven't made any attempt to use it with anything other than the original Morrowind engine.

I was, however, notified by the staff at OpenMW that one of my scripts was using a function with one too many arguments, which apparently the original Morrowind engine ignored, but was causing theirs to error out. I issued an updated .esp file that corrected the problem and they marked Morrowind Crafting as being fully compatible. I haven't done any testing with TES3MP as I am vehemently opposed to the very concept of a multiplayer Morrowind.

And while I have absolutely NO interest in playing Morrowind in multiplayer, I have no issue with anyone that does... so if you'd like to give it a test and see if it works, please feel free. MC2 and above were designed to be compatible with Necessities of Morrowind and Primary Needs, but Bare Necessities didn't exist yet when I released it. While I doubt it would be particularly INCOMPATIBLE, I know it wasn't designed with Bare Necessities in mind, so unless the authors of that mod made an effort to be compatible with MC, it isn't likely to be particularly helpful in meeting any "needs" features added. e.g. food cooked with Morrowind Crafting cooking skill won't remove any hunger penalties unless the authors of Bare Necessities made a MC compatibility patch OR they used the same global variables to track hunger that NoM (or Primary Needs) uses.

As to Morrowind Rebirth, I'm not particularly familiar with it, but from a quick look at the download page, I don't really see anything that should be a major incompatibility except if the locations of some of the wood sellers conflicts with changes made by the mod. Also, it looks like they decided to overhaul the cheapest, crappiest set of wood furniture to make it less craptastic. There might be some minor issues there, as I did something similar (I didn't think that brand new furniture should look old and rickety), and the newly created versions you make by crafting the furniture won't look exactly like the MW Rebirth normal furniture.
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