Where to find mods for Oblivion

Where to find mods for Oblivion

Postby Ygern » Thu Mar 28, 2013 10:28 pm

Where to find mods:

Planet Elder Scrolls
Oblivion's Real Estate A huge selection of houses

An old but still useful article on how to optimise your mod choices: Optimising Oblivion v3.0: Into Modblivion
If you want to run the "big three" convergence mods together: Tes4Mod:FCOM
Further information on how to use the Construction Set to make your own mods Includes links to 3rd party tools you might want to use.
Guide to optimizing Oblivion

If you are planning on using a lot of mods that add content, characters and loot, you should install the following tools to help ensure your game runs correctly without conflicts:

Oblivion Mod Manager
Wrye Bash also found here

You may also need Oblivion Script Extender for certain mods

Tutorials for making mods:
Construction Set Wiki
TES Alliance Oblivion School

Readme Generator

This isn't a comprehensive list, please add your own !
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