Useful Enchanted Items

Useful Enchanted Items

Postby Denina » Mon Apr 24, 2017 3:42 pm

As I've said elsewhere, I've recently begun playing again and thought to compile a list of enchanted items I like to use:

1. Common ring enchanted with 1 point Fire damage on target.
2. Common ring enchanted with 1 point Frost damage on target.
3. Common ring enchanted with 1 point Absorb Health on target.
4. Common ring enchanted with 1 point Restore Health on self.

I generally use a diseased rat soul or higher to get lots of charges. This is a great way to work up enchanting and can often get a target's health down quite a bit before it reaches you providing it doesn't move like lightning. It works great on blighted kagouti since they don't move very fast.

Another thing I like to make at higher levels when I can afford constant effect items is what I call the Farmer's Friend set. It's two exquisite rings, robe, pants, skirt and shirt, belt with the maximum amount of chameleon on them which should equal 100%. You don't actually need all 7 items in order to walk around undetected but at the time I came up with the outfit, I didn't know that. It's a pricey outfit to make but then you can wander around everywhere gathering ingredients without having to fight anything if you don't feel like it.

That said, I have some rules for using that outfit. I don't attack anything (they run away if you hit them anyway because they can't see who is hitting them and that always seemed dishonorable to me) and I don't steal anything while using it. That's just me though.

Please post your own useful items. It's always fun to see what others use.
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Re: Useful Enchanted Items

Postby Drac » Thu Jun 08, 2017 9:12 pm

I too use a 1-point damage spell upon a ring, for attracting creatures' attention. Also, a 1-point Lock on a common ring (so that I can practice up my lockpicking skills quickly, though obviously you will need a goodly supply of lockpicks).

A common ring with a 50-foot radius 'light' spell (or a spell by itself; it can be made quite magicka-cheap and makes fair illusion-practice) set at minimal intensity (15-20 effect), upon target. This acts as a very good 'detect opponent' spell; a 2-3 second glow reveals potential ambushers. Of course, this works best when not in bright light, unless you're rather observant.

A *decided* favourite of mine is the 'pocket arsenal'. This is pricey and difficult to make without another enchanter's help, but: An exquisite ring with a constant-effect: Bound Battle-axe, Bound Spear, Bound Longbow and Bound Dagger. The *last* enchantment should be the weaon that you wish to have appear when you put the ring on. Vary the choices as per your preferences; you will always have excellent weapons on call, and they are 'repaired' by removing the ring and replacing it.

Similarly, another costly item is an amulet with 24-foot constant-effect telekinesis. A pleasantly-long reach is a very handy thing when on long ingredient-gathering trips.

A minor item is yet another inexpensive ring with 'disintegrate armor' upon self. Useful for training up armorer skill; of course, keep a supply of hammers (I prefer tongs; they repair less efficiently, thus, more training time is available).

One way to 'tame' a hostile is to have either a spell, or some missile (thrown knife or star.. or arrow) that applies a damage-speed or damage strength to them. I tend to use a smallish effect that lasts for a bit, so that they slow down or lose strength more and more; you will have more time to manage things. One caveat regarding damage strength; if they are not carrying anything at all, they *will* keep coming, as they have nothing to burden them; at strength zero, they'll still come after you. A combination of slow, then damage strength works wonders.(beware reflecting creatures; keep restores handy). A shameless plug; there are damage strength/speed posions available to apply to weapons in Morrowind Crafting.

Another amusing tidbit; absorb health. A weapon with even a miniscule absorb health upon strike will heal you at your enemy's expense. Beware using the effect when you are low-level; if an absorb health is reflected back and the effect is for more than your current health, it is 'good night Gracie' for you. The health is removed (and status is checked) *before* said health is given to you.

A spell that enhances your lockpicking for a short time is a worthwhile way to help get your skill up; the more successful attempts, the more that you learn.

My favourite trick I will keep for myself... that of working up to where I can enchant anything at all without an enchanter's help. No doubt others have done this as well, but some may not, and everyone likes to have *one* secret. (The same trick works for exceedingly potent alchemy without abusing potions). Works even if skills are capped at 100, and within the normal game rules. Not an exploit. (How do you think the enchanters manage? B{)} )
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Re: Useful Enchanted Items

Postby Arakhor » Mon Jun 12, 2017 12:44 am

I was always a big fan of having 1 point of constant Slowfall on something (usually a robe). Having a Cast When Used 5-point Jump effect for a few seconds allows you to navigate vertical areas quite easily and synergises well with the Slowfall enchantment.

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