Possible new MWSE GUI

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Possible new MWSE GUI

Postby MONDO » Fri Aug 07, 2015 9:33 pm

First of all, I'm quite enjoying the 3.0 beta so far even if featurewise the cart and much smoother resource collection are mostly the things implemented so far. I was wondering how far into scripting the new stuff you were because a few weeks ago Greatness7 discovered something very interesting with MWSE's new(ish) GMST manipulation functions - it's possible to perfectly control Morrowind's player crafting interfaces.
http://forums.bethsoft.com/topic/152491 ... p=24162000
Basically the way this is applied in a custom alchemy-based crafting interface is this: script GMSTs are temporarily rewritten to match the new menu, other apparatus are temporarily taken away from the player so you can't use alembics while smithing etc, and then you take advantage of the fact that when you select an ingredient or apparatus in the alchemy screen it's temporarily removed from the player's inventory and you can thus keep track of what the player has selected.

To illustrate: Player activates an anvil. An inventory check is ran on the player: all of his crafting gear is moved to a persistent dummy container, and an anvil mortar & pestle type apparatus would be added to the player. It might be good to move all the non-relevant ingredients too to avoid clutter, though that might be laggy. For certain implementations it'd be a must. Next, a tally for relevant ingredients would be ran and the results recorded (MWSE has arrays now so this wouldn't actually be gigantic mess of variables). Now would come the GMST modifications (you can modify pretty much every name and messagebox result in the alchemy process, including the names of magic effects). After this, for the 2nd apparatus slot a few category items would be available (weapon, marksman, exotic weapon etc). The next item would be ingredient type and would represent the item's specific type (shortsword, darts, katana) and the final would be an ingredient type representation of the material you want to use (so if you have no raw glass or the item can't be made with glass, you won't see a glass-type ingredient). As MWSE can track and modify skill progress and it's possible to make it via GMSTs so that you get progress even when failing a potion, you can use that to detect when does the player click the create button. It might take a lot of scripting work, but with MWSE it's possible to create a much smoother and more intuitive menu for crafting of all sorts. You can even let the player see his MC skills by modifying enablelevelupmenu.

Oh, also, while I'm here might as well report a longstanding MC exploit: Fortify Skill spells and enchantments on trainers let you train all skills arbitrarily high with one trainer. Can be solved either with MWSE's xGetBaseSkill functions or by personalizing trainer scripts,
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Re: Possible new MWSE GUI

Postby Toccatta » Sun Aug 09, 2015 2:21 am

Actually, far more has already been implemented as of the available download. However, since the actual scripts for selecting and creating the new items haven't been written, you have to use the console to give yourself the new items for testing. That was actually the intended purpose of the early alpha (it isn't really a beta release). This was all explained in the early alpha readme, and was the reason for the inclusion of the master cheat-sheet.

Oddly enough, you're the only person who has written any sort of feedback on the work so far. After waiting several months and seeing not enough interest to even post feedback, I've put development on a back burner. I currently haven't worked on MC3 for almost six months. I am considering other options at this time and don't want to go into detail on the subject until after I've discussed them thoroughly with Drac (the co-author of MC3). However, I hadn't really had any plans to create a MWSE-only version for two main reasons:

1) Not everyone uses MWSE. Although I realize that MGE is becoming far more popular, and it includes an embedded version of MWSE, so it wouldn't require a second program to work, I'm not familiar enough with MWSE scripting (nor much interested in learning) in order to take MC3 to this level. And of course the far bigger reason...

2) My hope was that MC3 would be equally usable in OpenMW, which is compatible with neither the standalone MWSE nor MGE.

However, those "other options" I referred to earlier might negate one or both of those objections, so I'll try to keep an open mind.
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